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Accuracy in Research

The issue at hand is that information, especially in a social platform, is almost never objective. The information is there, certainly, but very often it is paired with an opinion. When a news outlet, or a Facebook friend, or a Twitter follower posts, they can be very subjective in which information to share, including which parts of a story they choose to include, and which they choose to obfuscate or omit. The credibility of the information and the source is key. Why? Because your potential customers and partners are going to research you, your business, your brand, your company, your industry, any connections with other business entities and more.

Belief in Your Industry

Industry is different from simply a product. Sales processes can often scope or even define organizations. Imagine the door-to-door encyclopedia salesman of the 1960’s. He had to truly believe that people needed that encyclopedia for knowledge, and that they would accept the sales process of a stranger showing up on their doorstep. The combination of product and sales process is essential to a sales professional’s belief system.

Social Selling

Social selling is the practice of engaging potential clients through social platforms. Some of these involve technology and the exchange of information on social media. Others leverage shared experiences, like book clubs, church groups, craft fairs, or any gathering. These exchanges build relationships and camaraderie.

You Are A Network

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You Are a Network…and so is Everyone Else.

In the 21st Century, many of us define ourselves by our social outreach. We measure ourselves by the number of friends on Facebook, Followers on Twitter, Connections on LinkedIn, or on Pinterest, or on Google Plus. Connectivity is a measure of success. Even those who aren’t active online have their communities. They’re in book clubs, bridge clubs, you name it; everyone has a social circle.

Network marketing is people marketing. Every business seeking to be profitable engages in people marketing. New professionals and experienced veterans in the industry shouldn’t be afraid to be labeled as network marketers. Join author and network marketing professional Nick Kelly as he explores the history of the industry, the legitimacy of direct selling as a business model, and provides details on the schemes improperly associated with network marketing. Explore common objections, and the reasons for success and failure. Learn the skills needed for success in today’s increasingly connected world, and why now is the best time in history to be a network marketing pro.

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